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Membership Renewal

UPDATED MEMBERSHIP FEE: The APSA Board has increased the member dues for 2021 to $75 per calendar year for regular (voting) members and associate members. For members who have paid their dues in 2020, your membership goes to the end of the year. If you take an APSA Continuing Education class, your name will be […]


Scams, Trolls & Cons

If you have received a request from an APSA member to donate gift cards, wire money or do something that seems unusual, DON’T respond. Several of our members have reported that they are getting solicited for gift cards or donations. Look at the email address where it’s coming from — it’s not APSA! APSA is […]


Welcome to The Arizona Process Servers Association

The Arizona Process Servers Association (APSA), is a non-profit corporation that represents the interests of professional process servers in the state of Arizona. Arizona is a chartered state by the National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS). APSA is committed to excellence and professionalism. Process servers in Arizona are appointed by the courts, after the […]

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